We bring you the highest quality patient
immobilization and robotic patient positioning devices in the industry.
This includes Couchtops and overlays, SBRT/SRS Immobilization, Head & Neck
positioning & Fixation, Breast & Thorax Positioning & Fixation, Hip & Pelvic
Positioning & Fixation, Miscellaneous Fixing Aids, Special
Modalities, Robotics & IGRT, QA & Workflow
and other miscellaneous items


We provide a variety of radiation safety equipment which includes Beta and Gamma Radiation shields with clear non distorted vision and the ability to work at different angles. Safety Trays and Liners made of reusable material, Storage boxes of different sizes for Beta & Gamma Radiation and heavy duty and double sealed Waste Bins & Bags.

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  1. Radiotherapy –
  2. Radiosurgery –
  3. Brachytherapy –
  4. Patient immobilization solution –
    Moving laser system –
  5. Radiology equipment –
  6. Radiation dosimetry and quality assurance –
  7. Radiation protection equipment – /
  8. Treatment planning and radioactive waste management system –
  9. Design and build of radiotherapy projects